Smart-4-Me Interactions


This is a client-server based prototype that I worked on during my internship at the IBM Toronto Centre for Advanced Studies Technology Incubation Lab. This prototype was developed to implement a research paper published in the IEEE by four staff members in our department.

The client portion of the prototype was wholly developed by myself. This included the browser-based front-end as well as a Java-based backend. In addition, as part of an end-to-end working demo, I created a intuitive, easy-to-use webpage for an end-user to install the prototype. Furthermore, I produced and voiced a YouTube video introducing this prototype with the collaboration of the team.




As this is an internal prototype and I signed a non-disclosure agreement, please understand that I cannot provide details of the project. However, my work on the client-side followed the principles of the research paper very closely (e.g. the "service instance visualization model" and the "personalized visualization model")