Title: An eCommerce Site Backed by Web Services

The sought system consists of two parts, one is B2C and the other B2B. Part 1 enables the Company's (human) clients to browse its catalog, add items to a shopping cart, and place orders. This part culminates in several P/O files stored on disk. Part 2 is non-interactive and runs as a scheduled job on a nightly or weekly basis depending on volume. Its input is the set of P/O files created by Part 1. It consolidates them by forming the union of the P/O's such that each item appears only once with a quantity equal to the sum of its quantities in all the P/O's. After creating the combined order, this part of the system connects to several web services and determines who supplies each item and at what price, optimizes the procurement, and places one or more order.



Note: the following text below only gives a very condensed summary of the project. The report can be accessed on request.

The project was designed with the Model-View-Controller paradigm by a three-person team. Roughly, each person handled one concern, with the exception of the controller servlets, which were more involved and required two people. With the most web development experience on my team, I was the natural choice to handle the view. I also assisted with the design, implementation, and testing of the servlets.

The overall architectural designs were done together, as was the overall site design. For the overall site design, the team visited a number of e-commerce sites, including at least one from each team member's home country (Taiwan, South Korea, Barbados). We found that directly comparing each site's usability with the project requirement use cases was very beneficial to determine what worked well and what designs to avoid.


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